I can’t be free, from all the things that I used to be? Rewrite my history. Who says I can’t be free? (Mayer)

This is where it all begins, figuratively.

It’s hard to summarize all that has lead me to this point, the whys and “becauses”. Its a whole intricate web of events and decisions that, well, have taken this 24 year old recipient of a medical degree to pursue something that shares very little with the medical field. Maybe only craftsmanship. Funny, that was never the part that lead me into medicine. It was the mystery of a series of symtoms and signs in a patient, as the only tool to come up with an answer to “what is wrong with me?”.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, maybe less, it was all “very clear” for me. I was going to finish my internship on September 2013, apply for a residency in Brazil on October 2013, currently taking clases of portuguese (obviously), and hopefully leave to Brazil on March 2014 to start my journey on Peadiatric Infectology and become a kick ass doctor. Join Doctors without Boarders, live in Cambodia, move to South Africa, work on refugee camps and finally move to Ireland or New Zealand and raise sheep and cook.

But I was not happy and much less excited. Not even 1/8th of motivated as my fellow friends who were engaged on study programs and hands on the field.

After much thought, questioning and a little brainwashing (thanks, you know who you are) that I could be whatever I wanted to be, I came to terms with the idea that what I really want to do is cook.

How do I tackle this now? Far from being simple, its messy and quite a steep road. For starters where I live, there is no proper cooking school/institute/college. So that’s a bit of problem right there, to achieve what I want I have to leave. Doesn’t sound so bad but I’m not sitting on a pile of money and neither are my parents.

So this is how I came with the brilliant idea of taking a job at a place I like to call “where freedom goes to die” a call center. So its money that I can use to help me get where I want to. It will take a while but some awesome stuff can happen on my way to greatness.

In the meantime, I’ve bought some cooking technique textbooks, some knives and other tools, and I’ll practice a little self teaching. And that is the essence of this blog.

A little inspired on the girl who made the Julia and Julie blog. This is going it be my adventures and misfortunes on this new path I’ve chosen. But not only the cooking, I’ll try my best to create a whole universe including everything and everyone that becomes a part of my journey in becoming a chef.

Well, tomorrow is my first day at the call center (here forth CC) and quite honestly, I’m not much excited, mainly because I have to wear a skirt everyday (like it’s the 1920s, wtf man?). But I’m excited about this new experience and where, hopefully, this will take me.