Seems unlikely right? I’m not saying I’m autistic or such. But that’s how unlikely it is to find me working at being nice to people.

“Hi, thank you for calling [insert company name here] where [insert company slogan here] my name is Gaby, how may I assist you today?”

I’m not much of a people’s person. Never have been. I can’t be all positive and excited all the time, its just… fucking exhausting. I’m bluntly honest and sarcastic. I think I’m smarter than the average and I have little tolerance for stupidity.

And here I am, working on the archetype of customer service. Yikes.

This training requieres patience from my part. A LOT. Not because its a difficult job but because the attitude it entitles. I mean, I can be a jerk (as a doctor) to my patients as long as I fix them. Although, that’s a bit of a stretch, I hope you get my point. Yes it requieres people’s skills and empathy and all that crap.. But wait, so does customer service, the difference is that with a medical degree you have a sorta semi god status where attitude is almost forgiven.

Today was like a commercial on cheesy and cliché. Nonetheless the core is there, and its actually the essence of costumer service. Words like quality are thrown far too often. It’s only the first day.

On a quick side note I am expecting very soon Jacques Pepin’s Complete Techniques which I’m very excited for, that way I’ll get to practice my nonexistent knife skills. And I have a bread baking challenge due this week. I’ve been trying to bake a loaf of bread and baguettes and failed both times. I need some sort of redemption.