I’ve always thought credit cards where the devil’s work. 

Credit cards, checks, savings and checking’s account, it all sounds like a foreign language to me. And I couldn’t care less. Its the type of thing that I don’t want to know about. I choose to be illiterate in this matter. Nonetheless I manage to answer quite a few questions today, to the extent of receiving a “high five” from my trainer. My proudest moment. The girl sitting next to me turns a says “you’re very smart”, and the other girl next to her agrees very excited. And I think to my self YOU think I’m smart, the recently graduated from the American University at Switzerland and the sophomore Psychology major from the University of Michigan; fate has a cruel way of grounding you. I’m surrounded with idiots that got accepted at good universities where I, for better or worse (and for many, many reasons) did not attend. 

I’m a well read person, to some extent I think that of my self. Nonetheless, reading good books does not translate that you understand them.You could be expose to great literature but still be an idiot. 
Today’s training was quite a headache. People started to feel more comfortable thus becoming more chatty. Worst of it all, it obviously isn’t smart conversation. It left me in quite a bad mood.