There’s a lot of things changing right now. In a molecular level we’re conquering territories and kicking off inter-organic wars; add to that just getting through the morning without coffee. There’s at least one thing in most aspects of my life that I’m currently defying or changing completely and its exhausting. Like an energy draining little leech hooked twenty four hours; obviously its a little but more exhausting if not everyone is cheering you up.
Its kind of a bummer when you get home and ask (excited) “wanna know what I learned today” and the ice cold, blunt “ok” brings you down stepping on your hopes and dreams. “Sighs, nothing interesting.”
Today was a good day at the CC. After spending the morning and part of the afternoon on way too few items of the agenda, we went to the floor and got to shadow some agents. The novelty makes things exciting. I’m not gonna say much, mostly because I don’t know how to make any of this interesting (not even for me as anecdotal purposes) but I got to listen to three calls and everyone of it was different and interesting in their own way.
My book arrived (Jacques Pepin New Techniques) wet. It’s beyond my most logical assumption how the book was considerably wet and the box was as dry as people think my humour is. (Hahaha. Failed joke.) I told the girl at the counter of my courier and she told me to contact the seller. As I am in my car, on my way home, I think, why would I contact the seller if the book is wet now. Had he sent it wet 3-4 days ago, it’d be dry by now. A couple of hours later I went back and addressed the issue. My boyfriend gets to the customer service counter (to the only girl, of course) and starts explaining what happened. Turns out the girl was extremely nice and we started talking about food and cooking. I’m not saying that because of that they gave me the amount I paid to get the book back, but it certainly helps troubleshooting when the agent empathises with the client. 
Although disappointed at my new book showcasing water damage, I was content with how the problem was resolved.
I’m tired. Mostly emotionally drained, like having so much to scream about but not really getting there.
So tomorrow I’m chopping vegetables. I have a messy feeling about this