Last night I barely got some sleep since I decided somehow to become allergic to something and importunate my sleep with some sneezing. Today was a national holiday and I had to go in for training.

6:45am my alarm goes off. Snooze. 6:55am dismiss. 7:00am emergency alarm goes off. Damn it, I have to wake up. After getting changed I go looking for some anti-allergy meds. None. Damn it. 7:22am. I skip coffee and head out to the pharmacy, only to find out it opens at 8am. 7:30am I try the pharmacy across the street. 7:35am I’m on my way to training. As I pass by the gas station, I think I didn’t pack breakfast so I stop and see if they have english muffins. Breakfast done. 7:47am I arrive at the gates of broken spirits. I decide I need coffee from that god awful machine. After one sip, I wish I hadn’t, well actually I wish I had bought decent coffee at the gas station store. 8:20ish we’re finally at the training room.
The day was the single least productive day. Almost twenty minutes devoted to a single individual who lacks the capacity tu understand that when a bank account lacks credit any transaction done with it will be rejected. So for most of the day I took several, short yet refreshing, naps. There was a “learning check” about everything we’ve been talking about for the last 3 days. Only four of us got passing grades, I was the only perfect score. And trust me, I’m probably the least interested or at least, the person who least attentions pays. Today I was glad to get home to get to see my boyfriend and watch a terrible movie on the couch.
Allergies and such, being in no condition to handle food, I flipped over Pepin’s NT and I found some pretty neat stuff. Ratatouille Ravioli, Potato-Basil Gnocci. But I’ll try the basic bread, hopefully this saturday. That is without the starter, which implies leaving dough to proof on your fridge for a week. Whatever dough I get leftover on that batch, I’ll leave to prove and see how that works.
The weekend is almost here, so I’ll go to sleep in hope that it arrives earlier.