Eight posts later and not much cooking going on.

Have you ever woken up to the smell of bread being baked? That pungent smell of bacon, the sound of oranges being squeezed ? Neither have I. My household was a busy one in the morning, thus breakfast was really more on the go, a quick sandwich on a zip lock or maybe pack some cereal or fruits, “out the door, we’re late.” It’s 6:50 am for what could we possibly be late, sunrise perhaps?

This breakfast fantasy leads me to the fact that I haven’t baked bread yet, successfully. But when you need to spare 5 hours between proofing and whatnot, its complicated to do so on the weekdays. So, no excuse this Saturday I need to have made at least two kinds of bread, again, successfully. A baguette is one and the other I kinda want croissants but that dough is a bitch.

On the other hand, it’s only tuesday, so I have plenty of week to try something new. Last night before going to sleep I was watching an episode from No Reservations and Bourdain was making fresh pasta; it kinda appealed to me. And much to my surprise, the pasta maker thingy (see how I am fluent in chef jargon) still works. So I’ll try my best to make some fresh pasta sometime before Friday.

Any ideas or tips for bread baking?