This week has been ill awful.

Sitting on a shitty seat for hours a day has my back hurting like in years, and my knees are hurting as if I ran a marathon; without the endorphin and adrenaline rush. Saying I’m tired is an understatement. These past few hours have been the first timer I’ve been able to relax.

Needless is to say that I haven’t cooked this week. I guess that doesn’t help my mood, since cooking usually gets me on a better mood. On the bright side, tomorrow I’m getting together with some friends to play Risk and cook. My boyfriend is making mushroom risotto and I’ll be making glazed pork chops and some roasted eggplants with balsamic vinegar as some sort of antipasti. This I’m mostly looking forward to.

Finally and not to keep boring you, things at the CC aren’t so bad these week. It’s the last week of classroom training, which essentially means two things: 1) next week I start OJT (On the Job Training) meaning working on the floor taking actual calls; 2) I’ll be going on my own schedule (instead of 8am-4pm) which is 2 -7pm. So I’ll have some time to relax.

My weekend won’t be as bad. Statistically it can’t be.

Hope whoever’s reading has an awesome weekend 🙂