Well, the past 2 weeks or so have put my patience to test. I can only begin at the first moment everything began in a downward spiral.

The gates of hell where I spend roughly 5 hours a day, to say is boring, is an understatement. I can see monkeys doing it. Actually there are a couple. But nonetheless since it doesn’t take much effort from my part I’m sort of numb. I’ve basically dealt with some pretty nice people, contrary to my expectation and I have learnt to direct my daydreams to productive ideas I never get to complete once I get home.

Last weekend was a terrible, 24+ hours I’ll never get back, I was dragged to an overnight stay at the beach with my mother, grandmother and aunt. It was the single most unproductive and depressing weekend in a long time. I was unable to write and much less cook. The only thing I thought would save my weekend was the promise of a BBQ that never seemed to materialise.

I was able to read Bourdain’s “The Nasty Bits” That’s a little sunshine during my weekend.


So it continues.

This week my car has been sort of acting out, like “hey, its summer at the Caribbean, it’d be a shame if the A/C didn’t work”. It is a shame, a very hot shame. Thursday a piece of my car was yanked by a valet parking. One that I’ve been trying to reach futilely (is that even a word?).

Friday was the cherry on top.
Car finally broke down, like literally stopped working in the middle of the street. Start again, only to turn a couple of metres again. I was late to all sort of places. I was in pain, headache, pissed, and sweating far more than my comfort zone allows when I’m not running.

So I haven’t been in the right place to cook. I think you need a zen attitude to be in the kitchen.

Sunday redeemed itself. Hopefully the rest of the week continues in such attitude. I made cookies, cookies make everything better. I post the recipe tomorrow. My computer is, well, dying.