I find it quite entertaining how some items get so unbelievably famous they are prostituted for the masses. I remember a couple of years ago how very low profile macarons were (at least in my caribbean society). But over night everyone is mispronouncing the name, they’re everywhere, people “know” everything about it and are the must have item at any coffee meet. Please.

Nonetheless, I’ve always like them but found that making them was far too tedious and skill required to do so. A couple of months ago I came across a hazelnut recipe and I HAD to try it. I failed with flying colors. Many things went wrong and I decided I needed space to try again.

Yesterday I wanted to take on the challenge. A couple of things didn’t work, and I’ll probably won’t be using that same recipe again but they were certainly closer to the original product than the first try. Here’s the recipe. Personally I didn’t like the buttercream it was far to buttery flavoured. And the 16 minutes at 375c (with double sheets) led  the macarons to burt and become like crunchy dry.

Although they did look good. 🙂

They looked pretty at least

They looked pretty at least