Why would anyone in the right mind make soup when the temperature is 93F (33C for all others)?

I had stuck in my head that I wanted butternut squash soup with creme fraiche. After about 2+ hours I had something that looked like soup. It was liquid at least. It was somewhat of a disaster. I’m going to blame it on the butternut squash. Evil squash I tell you.

Sunday. The day of the sun, indeed.

My family had schedule a day at the beach (not precisely, we have a beach house) so I had woken up rather early because I wanted pancakes for breakfast. This turned out delicious.



I felt awkward on the plating

I felt awkward with the plating












Somewhere around nine we left to the beach and as soon as I got there I was asked to clean the churrasco. Cool, except I didn’t bring my knives.

Shitty job cleaning it

Shitty job cleaning it












Then I was of to the the pool and beer while the grill was heating up.











Vacio, pikaña, churrasco and some different kinds of sausages.  I was far too hungry to take  pic of the actual meat. Or the coleslaw and rice. It was delicious though 🙂