I haven’t written at all for about a month. Between a lot going on during the week and my computer not working like a portable computer I find it hard to even want to write.

So I began a cooking class on the end of July. How to describe it… first two classes I wanted to kill myself for having enrolled in such an idiocy.

Then I took a different approach to class. I’d take the useful information that I could use and then I’d get home and read that subject’s chapter in the Cia’s The Professional Chef.

This turned out to be a better method while coping with mediocrity. So far we’ve covered in class vegetables cuts (barely), stocks, soups and cremes. Ah and how to debone a chicken.  Stocks and cremes was fun, I got to do a fish stock and a shrimp bisque that was incredibly tasty.

Bisque in the making

Bisque in the making

They were some squash soup, green beans and mint and vichyssoise. It was all very meh. Nothing mindblowing, like I had expected, nothing exciting.

On another note I made a chicken breast filled with basil pesto and mozzarella yesterday for lunch. Recipe here. It turned out pretty neat, except just a little dry. I ought to try that again.

I know this post is all over the place, so am I. Hopefully I’l have better things to say next week.