See how a wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to; that’s how I think things happen. Just when they mean to. We don’t quite understand why.

I, personally, don’t know why I find myself sitting with my pjs, at noon, drinking juice with no voice, slightly mad because I can’t go to work (having missed cooking this morning). I’ve been “sick” since friday, when I woke up with no voice, (interesting way of the universe to tell me that I need to speak up for myself) and slightly feverish. My thoughts were this was all going to pass by sunday. No it didn’t.

Everyday I speak less and my voice seems to be dimmer than before.  And although I believe in the natural course of viral diseases (don’t get me wrong, mild stuff like the flu) every time I get a cold I pump myself with pills and cough syrup and juice (I dislike juice in my normal state) and I kick and cry like 5 year old. I just have little patience for sneezing green mucus and coughing while people looking as if you had leprosy (I’m one of those who look with scorn at those with the cold).

Like I said, I would gladly skip work today if I knew that tomorrow I’d be feeling awesome. But I won’t. This mad virus has at least 4 or so more days of making me less than a competent human.

Resigned, I call in to work and just by saying hello, the girl answers “Hey its you, you’re dying. You’re not coming in today. Don’t worry. Feel better.”

I’ve already slept thru the morning, guess that for the rest of the afternoon I’ll be catching on my reading. Maybe I’ll finally post the seafood class we did about a week ago.