Last night I had a craving for english muffins. I’m sucker for them. It probably comes from my fascination with everything English. I drink tea (granted I actually like it), I use UK grammar (blame it on my english school. Only had one british professor) when possible and much more things I’ll save saying.

After much recipe research I came across this one from Honest Cooking and decided it was the one it fittest best. (I had all the ingredients at hand). Although the end product was delicious and I shall never buy frozen english muffins ever again, the recipe is sketchy, or maybe I was. I’ll have to see next time I make them.

All was well until step 3.  “Once dough comes together (it will be damp and velvety), transfer to a floured surface and roll out dough to a 1” thickness.”

Yea my dough looked like cake, liquid not even closed to be rolled out. I was almost on my way to throw it out but I thought if it is damaged I can keep adding flour to see if it fixes it. And it did.

And they tasted awesome.

Note: Two things. They don’t grow as much when they you leave them for 20 minutes, don’t sweat about it. They grow in the griddle, they get filled with air. And I found it unnecessary to bake them. They were fully cooked out of the griddle. Now I don’t know if I did something wrong or not, but I didn’t care.

I’ll have to try the recipe again and see what happened.