We all have that one friend that we haven’t seen in a long while, but we used to be close with before. That every time we see their names in our social media we are compelled to write and say hi, but we don’t because life and more urgent maters (like catching up on a tv series) come our way. This is what this blog is to me.

Or like swimming. I used to swim 4x a week and one day I stopped going for whatever reason and well its been a year o maybe more.

It’s maddening to me because I’m exactly where I was a year ago. Even worse, its been a year later and well I haven’t really done anything. I’ve learned things about me. That’s…. well that’s gotta something.

People change, that undebatable, but we don’t. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We grow (or not) of old habits, of relationships. Things shuffle in our priority lists. We fool ourselves trying to adapt, to fit in but it becomes stronger that we do not belong, that we are who we are. We mold ourselves based on this idea of what we think it should be but its already been played. This is it. We are who we are since forever and everything is do or die.