I’ve been here, in a strange city, a big city nonetheless (at least I know the language) for 14 days in a quest which sole purpose is to follow my bliss. It’s exciting at first, with disbelief and then it darkens and it becomes daunting. Like every time I’m about to cross the street to take a bus or the subway I think anything could happen to me and it would take a long time for my family to know. That’s a scary idea, let’s not dwell on that. *coughs*

Undoubtedly changes are hard, specially when you’ve never been on your own before, let alone 6000 kms away from the closest person you know. But life has no safety nets. During these fourteen days I’ve been lost more than twice, once at 1am, which would have been slightly more scary if not for the resemblance to Times Square and its busy streets filled with people. I’ve witnessed my uncle being mugged while attempting to cross a streetlight just a feet away from me. I’ve cried several times, I’ve wanted to go back, then I cursed at my self for even considering it.

It all comes down to the fact that I’m having a harder time adjusting than I had foreseen. That and the fact that I have too much free time in my hands.